Collection of Enforceable Claims in Germany

“Make money from your waste paper!”


You are in possession of an enforceable claim (in short: “security”) that you on your part have not been able to cash as your debtor was insolvent?

You have often been annoyed that you have thrown “good money” after “bad” as - alongside the lost of the actual claim - further costs and fees have arisen?

Do you want to get rid of the matter once and for all?

Then you have the following options:

  • You could sell your security.

The value might be approx. 5 % – 10 % and is in the end dependent on the number, the average amount, the age and the range of all securities. Individual securities are often not bought by corresponding debt collection agencies or law firms.

  • You could attempt a repeated enforcement on your own account.

Here the devil is in the detail. Do you have you the time, the means and the opportunity to determine all the data and factual connections necessary? Could you initiate the right measures in the right place and at the right time? If your efforts are again to no avail, costs for checks and legal steps are to be paid by you to their full amount. A bottomless pit!

  • Hand your enforceable claims over to us!

In this area too AKTIVA is your reliable partner in debt management! We monitor your securities, carry out all necessary enquiries, check all measures (telephone collection, instructing bailiffs, third party orders, etc.) and initiate the necessary steps independently. In the event of success we pass on to you half of the monies obtained immediately and without offsetting our own expenses. Should we cash a security fully your extraordinary proceeds are often over 100 % of the original principal claim!

If our efforts are to no avail we shall invoice neither our claims nor the costs paid by us in advance. The processing of your enforceable claims is carried out for you without any cost risk.