Will ten do to start with...?

  • AKTIVA will work for you without admission fees or membership contributions!
    YOU do not make any long-term commitments.
  • AKTIVA has trained staff and more than 30 years’ experience!
    YOU gain from our knowledge in debtor management.
  • AKTIVA settles incoming monies daily!
    YOU don’t have to wait any longer for your money.
  • AKTIVA assumes the costs of all pre-legal enquiries!
    YOU save money - right from the start.
  • AKTIVA carries out automatic creditworthiness checks of your debtor!
    YOU considerably reduce your court and lawyer’s fees.
  • AKTIVA cooperates with well-known credit agencies and highly specialised lawyers!
    YOU take advantage of our credit information and high-level contacts.
  • AKTIVA minimises your costs - with maximum success!
    YOU obtain unexpected profits.
  • AKTIVA monitors enforceable claims and enforceable orders!
    YOU increase your extraordinary income.
  • AKTIVA treats your debtor fairly and properly!
    YOU can continue to do business with your customer.
  • AKTIVA would also like to gain your trust.
    YOU decide in each individual case whether we are the right people for the job.

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