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Michael Raubal founded AKTIVA GmbH 25 years ago

As is well-known, the term credit has its origin in the Latin “credere” = to believe: The creditor believes in the promise of the debtor that he will settle the debt incurred within an agreed period of time and trusts in his creditworthiness. In many cases this trust is justified, yet more and more often goods are purchased and services are used but the due invoices are not or only sluggishly paid. Michael Raubal, managing partner of AKTIVA Gesellschaft für Kreditorenschutz und Factoring mbH gives as reasons in the first instance increasing overextension and high unemployment in private households as well as sales difficulties and poor financing concepts in many companies. He has also however observed payment behaviour that has been deteriorating for years and has in the meantime taken on worrying proportions. “Invoices are more and more often not paid intentionally, damage to the provider of the service being quite deliberately accepted!”

The Solingen businessman and self-confessed “merchant of the old school” knows what he is talking about and also knows the consequences: “Growing outstanding debts tie up capital, reduce liquidity and bring above all small and medium-sized enterprises into payment difficulties themselves. If this leads to insolvency other creditors also do not get their money back – a vicious circle with unforeseeable consequences for the economy.” German debt collection agencies are currently recovering well over four billion euros for their customers and feeding these monies directly back into the economic cycle. Thus the whole sector bears the responsibility not only for each individual creditor but rather for the economy as a whole. Michael Raubal has also been taking on this responsibility for more than 25 years. Ever since the establishment of the company he has been a member of the Bundesverband Deutscher Inkasso-Unternehmen [Federal Association of German Debt Collection Agencies]. With a team of established debt collection agents, many retained solicitors and a strong range of services, today he not only looks after a large number of smaller companies but also has many years of experience with large companies and corresponding transfers of several thousand instructions a year.

Extract: IHK Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid “Bergische Wirtschaft” magazine / issue 3/2004 / page 27

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