Pre-legal Debt Collection in Germany

Should you decide to use our AKTIVA debt collection system for an overdue invoice we need a corresponding purchase order (by post, fax, email, CD/DVD, etc.) from you with the following details:

  • Your overdue invoice(s) as copies or as an OP list.
  • Bank details of your debtor (if known).
  • Further details about the debtor (if known).
  • An AKTIVA order list if you are working with us for the first time.

After the receipt of your documents you will be sent an order confirmation. At the same time we will send corresponding dunning letters to your debtor and start all the investigations that are absolutely essential for a successful outstanding debt collection. You will not be invoiced for the accruing costs for credit information, address enquiries, register extracts and other enquiries. Furthermore, we supplement our efficient dunning service as necessary with telephone collection and solicitor’s dunning letters. Depending on the reaction of the debtor the following outcomes are possible:

  • Your debtor pays.
    You receive the full invoiced amount via AKTIVA’s Sofortüberweisung (German instant bank transfer).
    There will be no costs arising to you as it is your debtor who is in default of payment.
  • Your debtor does not pay, our creditworthiness checks turn out to be negative.
    You will receive a corresponding message from us.
    You alone decide how to proceed further!
    If despite the low prospect of success, you would like a levy of execution to secure your claim in the long term, we can initiate legal enforcement proceedings. In this case your AKTIVA-retained solicitor will invoice you for a lump sum (see Legal Debt Collection in Germany, item 2).
    However, if you request the demand to remain with pre-legal monitoring, then AKTIVA will bear all costs and fees accrued so far so that no costs arise to you.
  • Your debtor does not pay, our creditworthiness checks turn out to be positive.
    A legal enforcement of your demand promises the desired outcome. We will pass the case on to an AKTIVA-retained solicitor who will apply for a court order against your debtor and thus initiate the legal debt collection.
    AKTIVA-retained solicitors do not ask for cost or fee payments in advance but do require a separate power of attorney from you.