Legal Debt Collection in Germany

“We separate the wheat from the chaff!”

Please note that the interface between pre-legal and legal debt collection is of vital importance to you! Only bad debt losses, that after our creditworthiness checks also promise success, land automatically with an AKTIVA-retained solicitor. All other outstanding debts remain at your request with pre-legal monitoring. These safety precautions are a fixed, and for you free of charge, component of our AKTIVA debt collection system.

Modern debt recovery management functions this way – and only this way.

After the initiation of the legal enforcement proceedings and the subsequent execution the following results are conceivable:

  • Your debtor pays.
    You receive the full invoiced amount via AKTIVA’s Sofortüberweisung (German instant bank transfer).
    There will be no costs arising to you as it is your debtor who is in default of payment.
  • Your debtor does not pay and has in the meantime become insolvent.
    Annoying but sometimes cannot be avoided – and is not foreseeable!
    You only pay your AKTIVA-retained solicitor the court costs paid in advance and a lump-sum fee in the amount of EUR 30.00 net. AKTIVA assumes the difference from the actual fee and monitors the execution for you free of charge – later success in post enforcement is not excluded!
  • Your debtor does not pay and lodges a protest before the court or objects to your demand.
    Even more annoying – but fortunately rather rare! Through your decision to call in a debt collection agency all objections and complaints by your debtor have already long been clarified out of court .
    If in this case you want the instigation of adversarial proceedings in the competent trial court you would have to make an advance cost and fees payment to your AKTIV-retained solicitor so that a corresponding statement of claim can be drawn up. Should the involvement of a communicating lawyer be reasonable, you can of course instruct a lawyer of your choice.