“An awful lot – but see for yourself...!”

Your creditor also has financial commitments that he must meet. He has already performed his service and is waiting for his long-overdue money. He has given us the job of collecting his overdue outstanding debts and thus placed his trust in us. We do not want to abuse this trust. But we would also like to gain your trust:

Are there any objections of any sort on your part against the asserted claim? We assure you that we check these objections very carefully and actively work together with you and your creditor to clarify the problem.. In this case please get in contact with us!

Have you “just simply forgotten” the invoice and are now annoyed with yourself for being sent a dunning letter from us – and about the costs associated with it? That has happened to all of us, it does not however affect your obligation to pay these delay damages. If you do not react now your costs will continue to rise. Don’t let it come to that!

Is payment not possible until a later date as you have to bridge a short-term squeeze? Unfortunately we don’t know your personal situation so we are reliant on your help. Face up to your responsibility and contact us so that we can find a solution together. We won’t let you down!

We have to adhere to the deadlines set in our letter to you in the interests of our client. Should you not make any payment and not make any contact with us, further steps will be unavoidable and additional costs will be incurred, so that the total debt owed by you increases. As a debt collection agency we do not have the slightest interest in that but only you can prevent this development. Talk to us!

Perhaps you have your own outstanding debts that are being handled very sluggishly or not at all. We can help here too. You would not be the first debtor to get to know us this way in order to later become a long-term and satisfied customer of our company. When dealing with creditors and debtors we attach great importance to competence, practicality and professionalism, but also to fairness, understanding and humanity. Give us a try!
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