The Company

Are you having problems with the payment behaviour of your customers and complaining about bad debts? Are you unsure how many reminders you have to send or whether your debtor is already in default of payment? Do you hope that debt reminder letters will bring the desired outcome? Would you like to not have to deal with legal court orders yourself if these have to be applied for? Do you have little experience or simply no time to get your money by third party orders and other debt enforcement measures on the assets of your debtor? Then you have come to the right place!

We are an established debt collection agency with our registered office in Solingen and as a medium-sized enterprise we not only look after a multitude of smaller companies but also have comprehensive experience with large companies and corresponding transfers of several thousand debt collection instructions a year. Founded in 1979, we carry out professional collection of outstanding debts for more than 5,000 customers throughout Europe.

Our range of services includes not only the pre-legal and legal dunning process as well as the execution and enforcement of outstanding debts but also the monitoring and post enforcement of old enforceable orders.